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ShepWave Pre-Market / Intra Day Update for Monday Published
by ShepWave.com
Posted: 7/28/2014 01:20 EST

Please read the notes and analysis in Monday's Updates closely.

Last week we saw some predictable and profitable action. Notice that on Wednesday we saw the preferred view that the rally was still in short term mode; but still we did not buy into it because we also saw the potential for a bearish turn as we saw on Friday.

There are some specific notes and trigger areas given in Monday's Pre-Market / Intra Day Update. If you elect to take the aggressive trade in the Dow (and even in the other indexes) note the tight stop/loss suggestions.

Bottom line is that this week should be interesting. Stay objective and let the charts dictate your trades. Do not feed off of the emotionalism of CNBC or any other financial network.

Log In at www.shepwave.com for Monday's Pre-Market / Intra Day ShepWave Update

The Eleventh Anniversary Subscription Special (for one year) has been increased to $139/year. The plan is to increase this incrementally for the next several days until the regular rate of $250/year is reached.

Reference: Shepwave.com is a technical analysis site for the Major U.S. stock indexes. We use Elliott Wave theory along with our proprietary indicators to give analysis for the Dow Industrials, Nadaq 100 and S&P 500 indexes. We specialize in trading the QQQQ and DIA.

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