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Specializing in QQQQ and the DIA analysis and trading. QQQQ and DIA Options trading.

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ShepWave IMPORTANT Intra Day Update. $109 Suscription Special ENDING. Too Many Irrational traders out there.
by ShepWave.com
Posted: 6/24/2016 13:42 EST

BAM! You just can't make this stuff up,

As was stated for Monday, there was a suspected rally. Then We said Wednesday that the preferred view is that this was a short term Wave 2 rally. Now we are faced with some additional technicals that all traders and investors need to be made aware of: read the new notes and analysis is this update carefully.

IT IS TIME TO TURN OFF THE CNBC, and to stop getting sucked in by the emotional analysis and speculation.

Pay close attention to the current technicals!

Log In at www.shepwave.com for today's IMPORTANT Intra Day ShepWave Update

The $109 One Year special will be running only for the next few hours. The rates will be raised; we are seeing a lot of *stupid* speculation being made and it is time to limit the access to ShepWave by too many irrational new subscribers.

Reference: Shepwave.com is a technical analysis site for the Major U.S. stock indexes. We use Elliott Wave theory along with our proprietary indicators to give analysis for the Dow Industrials, Nadaq 100 and S&P 500 indexes. We specialize in trading the QQQQ and DIA.

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ShepWave IMPORTANT Intra Day Update. $109 Suscription Special ENDING. Too Many Irrational traders out there.
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