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Profits for MAY.. Already Locked in some good Profits for JUNE.. More coming for JUNE.
Posted: 6/20/2006 23:59 EST

Below are the trades we took in May.  We presented more opportunities in our updates for active traders.

June Trades will be posted later.  JUNE is shaping up to be a more profitable month than May was.

Trades in May:

May 22

ShepWave exited our QQQQ JULY Options position… Sold at a price of $1.80.  Profit of 100%

May 17

JULY DIA OPTIONS Sold  for $1.00/share.  Our average cost is $.875/Share.  14.8% profit.

May 12

ShepWave Exited 1/2 of Short QQQQ Position today at $40.36.  Profit of $1.84

May 11

ShepWave closed out entire position of BRCM PUTS for JUNE.

Sold entire position for $3.00/share.  Paid $1.50 /share.  100% profit in one week.

May 2

ShepWave exited the other 1/2 of our GOOG JUNE PUTS 430 strike.We sold this second half for $38.40.  That is a 113% profit

May 1

ShepWave is closing out 1/2 of our position for GOOGLE June PUTS.  Strike 430.  74.4% profit.

Current positions are doing very well.

In today's update I show the beautiful Elliott Wave Theory 'Picture' the markets are making.   Indices are acting as expected at this time.  June should be an even more profitable month.`

Click here to see today's update for

There is still time to enter positions to make profits for JUNE.

 Please PRAY for our Troops over seas. 

Have a Great Day.

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Trend Trading, Trend trading stocks, market trends,stock trends,stock market technical analysis, stock market timing,qqqq, qqqq options, qqqq trading,options, options analysis,stock options, trading options,trading stock options ,stock market technical analysis

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